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Registration for the ICSA Conference on 21 May in Frankfurt

Data Protection

Remark: This registration form is for the public pro bono ICSA Conference on 21 May in Frankfurt only. There is no need for ICSA delegates and observers who already registered for the 37th ICSA AGM & Conference to register again.

If you wish to register to the public ICSA Conference on 21 May, 10:00 a.m. (registration and "meet & greet" start at 9:30 a.m.) in the German National Library in Frankfurt, you agree to the following:

I am aware that the number of conference places is limited and will be allocated in the order in which registrations are received.

I understand and agree that the data I enter into this registration form will be stored and processed by the Bundesverband der Wertpapierfirmen (bwf) and by the International Council of Securities Associations (ICSA) for the purpose of planning, realisation and documentation of the ICSA Conference 2024, which will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, 21 May.

The bwf and the ICSA may use third party internet-/it-service-providers (ISPs) for the activities specified above. The data processing may also include the storage of your current ip-address and the use of so called “cookies” to the extent which is technical necessary.

I am also aware that photographs as well as video and audio recordings may be made during the event and I agree in advance with the publication of such recordings for documentary and promotional purposes as far as they concern me.